Integrated with Jira and GitLab
The AI for Product Owners

The Product Copilot is an AI that supports product owners in their most important tasks. It knows your software product as well as your best developer.

Say goodbye to tedious tasks and focus on the strategic aspects of your job: The parts you love and that no AI can do better than you.

Product Copilot Walkthrough

Effortless User Story Creation

Product Copilot tool Integration

Start in a familiar environment

The Product Copilot lives where you need it, providing AI assistance directly in your Jira or GitLab.

Generate good user stories quickly and conveniently.

Product Copilot asking questions

Enjoy the process

Product Copilot asks you questions like a smart colleague would do and helps you to gather your expertise.

Together, you describe the value of features to your team, explain the mechanics, and point out any exceptions or technical complications.

Product copilot generates user story

Skip manual tasks

Product Copilot then uses your answers and its knowledge about your product to create an issue directly in your Jira or GitLab.

Focus on strategic tasks instead of wording and formatting.

Product Copilot generates user story

Get results that follow your guidelines

The structure and style of the user story follow your existing issues.

Definition of Done? Acceptance Criteria? With or without technical tasks? Your standards determine what tickets look like.

Product Copilot finds ticket-related information

Make knowledge accessible

Product Copilot delivers the information you need.

Find related documentation, affected components or responsible team members attached to your ticket. No wasting time searching your wiki, no bothering colleagues.

What Product Copilot Offers

Data protection

Your product knowledge is your most valuable asset. We make sure it's only accessible to you and not used for training purposes.

Loaded with knowledge

The Product Copilot works based on your knowledge base. It learns everything about your product and provides customized support.

Seamless integration

The Product Copilot integrates seamlessly with your ticket system, such as Jira or GitLab. No additional tool.

Customized for you

The Product Copilot can be customized to fit your style of working and to meet the conventions of your team.

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